Transiraq: Consumer Goods Distribution Tuesday, May 11 2010

Transiraq is a food and consumer goods distribution company in Iraq. They started in 1995 and have been expanding from 1995 until the present. Their goal is to become the number 1 distributor of foods and commercial goods in Iraq. The transiraq headquarters is located in Baghdad. However, they are developing an international infrastructure. Currently, they have three other stations, in Erbil, Basrah, and Kerbala. Currently they have not expanded outside of the middle east. They import to these 3 cities from Iraq via the Jordan River.

As the Iraqi market is growing, the success of transiraq is as well. Although their webpage proclaims that their success can be seen upon the shelves of stores, they also note that the increasingly secure state of the economy has stimulated the consumer market and left 25 million people with disposable income, interested in the new traniraq market and ready to invest in it.

The key to their success is that they believe they “have the local experience and administrative structures necessary to provide the strong service and support necessary for our suppliers and customers to succeed”

One of their main brands is called the Hello brand. This is food distribution company that serves mayonnaise, sauces such a marinara sauce, ketchup, canned fruits, vegetables and jams. The Hello brand has in some ways become TransIraq’s success story, as they have taken Hello from an average company in 1995, to the number one position in the low-medium income sector of the market in Iraq.

TransIraq is connected with various networks, groups and causes. In addition to distribution they have their own trading sector of the business, Trans Iraq Trading Limited. They are also part of the Bahrani Group, a company established in 1925 that encompasses a number of food industry enterprises. They describe themselves as “a diversified business group with several companies owned both collectively and individually by various members of the Bahrani family” to help stimulate the economy and consumer buying in Iraq, and also distribute a variety of healthy and tasty foods to Iraq, which they have succeeded in. Now, their goal is to expand their international base and enhance business’ of the food industry in neighboring countries.


Monday, May 10 2010 

Monday, Apr 26 2010 

This has my been my favorite project thus far. It was the first time I felt totally comfortable with the software and filming. I think with our other projects, especially those using final cut, everything was so new to me that I went about the steps just right and followed directions exactly, but with no creative license of my own. I finally felt comfortable enough with everything this time that I was able to play around with stuff and really just see it as an enjoyable, creative project instead of a stressful assignment.

Monday, Apr 19 2010 

We decided to do a documentary about reflecting on college/Elon. We interviewed a senior, Megan Taylor, and asked her to reminisce/reflect on her time here before she graduates. We asked her what she liked, disliked, will miss, take with her, etc. It was really interesting listening what she had to say. Also, interviewing was my favorite part of the project. I liked thinking of questions and listening to her responses, but I wish we had asked a few more questions.

The hardest part was definitely the tiny parts of editing. The large chunks were surprisingly easy to edit. Well not easy, but not easiER. We figured out what three pieces of information we wanted to focus on and edited out the rest, which didn’t take long. But the smaller edits were the most trying in my opinion. It gets tedious at the end and sometimes we just had to play around until we got it right. But our teamwork worked well and I like our finished project.

Iraq: The Film Industry Thursday, Apr 15 2010 

Although it is not thriving, the film industry in Iraq is undergoing transformations. In the article I read (’s-progress), one speculation for a reason for their weak film industry is their lack of a strong theatre industry. The lack of this has made it more difficult for people to get into the film producing industry.

However, lately they have been making moves towards a more extensive movie production infrastructure, gaining local and international recognition. One movie to focus on particularly is called “Kick Off”. It is about an Iraqi football team. The article goes on to say that this movie has gained “rich international recognition” because it appeals to all types of audiences. It is a story about humanity. The movie has been making its way through many film festivals and circulating a significant amount compared with the normal success rate or iraqi films. The shining “superstar” to come out of this movie is Shwan Atoof. Many believe this movie will be a pivotal one for Iraqi cinema.

-to be continued-

Iraq: Culture, Media, History Thursday, Apr 15 2010 

To understand Iraq’s culture it is very important to understand their religion, Islam, and the impact that has on the way they live, work, and view the world. But their Islam stands divided. Their are two groups; the Shiite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims. These two religions (although other religions such as Judaism and Christianity, it is these two subsections of Muslim that hold predominance and whose beliefs guide government policy and the culture in Iraq.

Media in Iraq is very tightly run and mediated. The Iraqi government has the right to censor all news and press is controlled solely by the Iraqi state. Foreign media is rarely allowed in and anything that opposes the views of the Iraqi government is not tolerated. Essentially, there is no such thing as “freedom of the press” in their country. Everything is controlled by the government and the death penalty is used at liberty for those who do not comply with media laws, whenever they feel it is necessary to do so. For this reason, many Iraqi’s are either kept in the dark about much of what is going on with Iraq and other nations.

Something interesting about the history of Iraq is that it was the first civilization on earth. It was often called the “cradle of civilization”. It was also where the world’s first writing system was implemented that we know of. They were the first ones to record history and keep a record of local events and developments. Since then the area has been dominated by different dynasties per however many years until another one takes over. The last monarchy was the Hashemite monarch which ended in 1958. in 1979 Saddam Hussein rose to power and became the Iraqi President. Since, the country has been in a constant state of turmoil and Hussein has kept the people of Iraq generally ignorant to the outside world and subject to what his power.

Thursday, Apr 8 2010 

Im not sure why this post didn’t work the first time, but I am reposting it again. Sorry!

I think this has been my favorite project so far. It left a lot of the creativity to your own head and less to the ins and outs of the software, which I liked. I didnt think that stories would come through as clearly on everyone’s videos as they did. You could see everyone’s story and they were depicted with clarity and creativity. Also, I thought finding songs would be awkward and hard to find a good one, but in the end I liked all the songs and they were a really good additive to the film.

If I do this project again I would want to focus more on the photographs and take maybe twice as many as I took for this project. Then if something looks goes wrong or looks odd, you can change the details of your story or rearrange different pictures until you have a story you want. All in all I really enjoyed the project!

Monday, Mar 29 2010 

After many trials and tribulations, here is my website. It’s a little random, but its a good collection of photos i’ve taken and things I have written. I have enormous respect for those who’s career is to design webpages. I think my biggest struggle was in mastering the small, but vital technicalities and small tweeks and twirks of the computer. But I am satisfied with my end result. When I put the links in, it made big purple boxes around the links and also messed up the alignment. I figured out how to change the boxes into the color of my background, but I never quite figured out how to fix my alignment, where “return to home” and “writings” are on the same line side by side.

As far as future plans for my site go, Im not too sure. I will update it with any photos I take or things I write for the most part. It is a cool online venue to send all my things, thats why I called it my attic. Its not exactly a portfolio or resume for job searches. Its quite simply just all my things. So my future plans won’t change that at all, but I would like to keep it up to date if I add things.

Monday, Mar 8 2010 

For my magazine commercial, I decided to use the picture my partner and I had used for project three. It is a picture that looks like it is meant to be in a magazine already, a glossy heel pictured in a girly mag or something. My biggest struggle was actually that: that it already looked like a magazine ad, because it was hard to add too much to it. I thought about making it not the background but designing and background and putting it in the center of the page, adding graphics; but the more I thought about it, if this shoe picture were in a magazine, it would probably be the background, and look similar to the way it does. Adding graphics or art to it would take away from the fancy heel. So what I did was think of a label, CW shoes, and a quote to go along with it. I put the words in the places where they wouldn’t block anything in the picture. The website is small in the bottom left hand corner. I embossed the letters, cropped the top of the picture that showed more of her ankle and the top of the wood, I enhanced the colors, emphasizing the red, to make the dark wood look warmer and the marbles pop. I also did a little airbrushing on her leg to make it look her skin look smoother. I think it looks simple but classic, and a good representation of shoe advertisements I see when flipping through magazines.

Product Shot, #3 Monday, Mar 1 2010 

This was our best shot we got Friday afternoon. It was one of the last things we tried. My partner had seen something similar in a magazine so we were experimenting with the foot being on top of a prop, we tried a globe, a chair, things like that. But the shoe against the glass of the martini bowl and the red marble against the brown background and skin tone really made the picture for me. I like the way the martini glass is tilted and the look as if her toe is being dipped into the marbles. I like that her foot is pointed as well because it makes her ankle look good and the way her foot is curved is very feminine and will come across this way to women looking at the shoes. I also like the marbles in the corner just as a small extra additive to the picture.

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